Dr Michael Malay (University of Bristol), ‘Difficult paradises: The crickets of Troopers Hill’. Literary and Visual Landscapes seminar (University of Bristol), 9 Dec 2020, 4.30pm to 6pm, via Zoom. Sign up here.

Professor Adeline Johns-Putra (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University), ‘Fiction, Realism and Ethics in the Anthropocene’. Joint seminar with the Department of English (University of Bristol), 19 Nov 2020, 12pm, via Zoom.

Dr Holly Corfield Carr (University of Cambridge), ‘At the cave mouth: Poets and sculptors writing in the dark’. Literary and Visual Landscapes seminar (University of Bristol), 18 Nov 2020, 4.30pm to 6pm. Sign up here.

Dr Eveline de Smalen (Rachel Carson Centre), ‘Nowhere, somewhere, elsewhere, here: Nature conservation and cultural representations of the Wadden Sea‘. Literary and Visual Landscapes seminar (University of Bristol), 28 Oct 2020, 4.30pm to 6pm, via Zoom. Sign up here.


Insect Entanglements, an online workshop hosted by CEH members Eline Tabak and Maia Dixon, 19 June 2020.

Unfortunately Prof. Howe’s paper has been cancelled due to university closure Professor Nicolas C. Howe (Williams College), ‘What is a Living River?’, 25 Mar 2020

Dr Kirk Sides (University of Bristol), ‘“Eco-futurism”: Science FicDon, Mythopoiesis, and the African Anthropocene’, 4 Mar 2020

Dr Treasa De Loughry (University College Dublin), ‘Toxic Worlds, Rubbish Imperialism: PolluDon, Health, World Literature’, 19 Feb 2020

Dr Naomi Millner, University of Bristol: ‘Witnessing beyond the human: From soil stutter to earth mother in transnational agrarian activism’, 29 Jan 2020

Dr Aditya Ramesh (University of Manchester): ‘Water, space and the porous city: Bangalore and Madras c. 1860-1929’, 20 Nov 2020

Professor Kelly P. Bushnell (Rachel Carson Centre, Munich): ‘Fish Culture: The 1883 International Fisheries Exhibition’, 14 Nov 2019

Professor Corey Ross (University of Birmingham): ‘Liquid Empire: Colonial Power and the Re-making of Aquatic Environments’, 12 Nov 2019 (joint seminar with Department of Historical Studies)

Morgan Seag (University of Cambridge): ‘‘Gender on the Ice: Contested boundaries and heroic illusions in 20th century Antarctica’, 30 Oct 2019


Dr Sam Solnick, University of Liverpool: ‘Anthropocene Energies’, 13 Mar 2019

Dr Michael Malay, University of Bristol: ‘‘The Politics and Poetics of Extinction’, 27 Feb 2019

Laura Denning, Bath Spa University: ‘Bodies as Sensory Data Collectors’, 30 Jan 2019

‘New Work in Interdisciplinary Environmental Humanities’, 10 short research papers from University of Bristol Vice- Chancellor’s Fellows and Postdoctoral Research Fellows, 12 Feb 2019

Prof. Andrea Gaynor, University of Western Australia: TBC, 10 Dec 2018

Prof. Dolly Jørgensen, University of Stavanger: ‘Grieving for the dead: Emotions and the Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon’, 14 Nov 2019

Dr Franklin Ginn, University of Bristol: ‘Planting Soft Pakistan’, 7 Nov 2018

Prof. Nayanika Mathur, University of Oxford: ‘Big Cats and the Indian City: Out-of-place beasts in the Anthropocene’, 3 Oct 2018


Hanne Nielsen, University of Tasmania/KTH Stockholm: ‘Advertising Antarctica: Commercial framings of the far south’, 30 May 2018

Prof Kate Rigby, Bath Spa University: ‘Creaturely Ecopoetics: Re-viewing Romanticism in the Anthropocene’, 9 May 2018

Literary and Visual Landscapes Symposium: Traversing Land, Sea & Sky: Travel and Landscape, 25 Apr 2018 

Dr James Castell, Prof. Keir Waddington, Prof.  Martin Willis (Cardiff ): The Cardiff ScienceHumanities initiative and interdisciplinary working in the Environmental Humanities, 21 Mar 2018

Wildscreen@UoB Film Screening: Rise of the Warrior Apes (2017, dir. James Reed), 8 Mar 2018

Inaugural Public Lecture: Professor Vinita Damodaran (Sussex), ‘Historical climate vulnerability in South Asia: Droughts, Floods, Famines and Cyclones’, 22 Feb 2018

Dr Lucy Donkin (Bristol), ‘Earth and Ore: Materialising Transalpine Relationships on the Eve of the Reformation’, 13 Feb 2018 (co-organised with Department of Historical Studies)

Dr Steven Gray (Portsmouth), ‘A Menagerie Afloat: Naval Animals and the Exotic Imagination at the Turn of the Twentieth Century’, 8 Feb 2018

Wildscreen@UoB Film Screening: Chasing Coral (2017, dir. Jeff Orlowski), 6 Feb 2018

Exhibition: ‘Embattled Drylands’ at Coexist Gallery Hamilton House Stokes Croft, Bristol, 9-22 Nov 2017. Exhibition showcasing work by the award- winning photo-journalist Susan Shulman; new research by the University of Bristol; and contributions from the Bristol Somali community, exploring the impact of war on the Somali environment and its people.

Dr Adrian Howkins (Bristol): ‘Placing the Past: The McMurdo Dry Valleys and the problem of geographical specificity in Antarctic History’, 29 Nov 2017